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The study report of Chemical Detection Technology Market is an essential source of information that provides current and upcoming technical and financial information. industry details. All collected market data is verified and validated by market experts for readers and end users. It becomes easy to analyze the actions of key players and their effect on … Read more

After less than a year at Apple, a director of autonomous driving for the Titan project is looking elsewhere

Christopher “CJ” Moore didn’t stay at Apple very long. This former Tesla hired by the Cupertino manufacturer last summer (the news had not been made public until November) has already taken to their heels! In this case, he lands at Luminar, a specialist in automotive Lidar hardware and software, as vice president of software. At … Read more

The NASA Mars InSight lander just took its final selfie

The stationary spacecraft captured the image on April 24 using its robotic arm, which will soon be placed into a final resting position called “retirement pose” this month. In order to take a selfie, the arm has to move several times, and that won’t be possible anymore. “Before losing more solar energy, I took some … Read more

1000 euros, one year of free pizzas: the amazing bonuses offered by restaurateurs to recruit

These two bottles in the sea launched by these restaurateurs is indicative of the crisis that the sector is going through, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. At the beginning of May, Guillaume Ruiz, the director of the hotel-bar-restaurant “Le Prose”, in La Grande-Motte (Hérault) who was struggling to recruit a pizza maker, had already created … Read more

Earth’s orbital debris problem is worsening, and policy solutions are difficult

Dave Hebert, Caleb Henry, Therese Jones, and Eric Berger at Ars Frontiers 2022 on the growing problem of orbital debris. Click here for transcript. One of the greatest threats to humanity’s ongoing expansion into space is the proliferation of debris in low Earth orbit. During a panel discussion at the Ars Frontiers conference earlier this … Read more